Have you created an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) on PD Express?
» If you do not have a pre-approved IPDP, you need to complete and submit on via PD Express ASAP. 
» Immediately following every license renewal, you will need to complete a new IPDP at the start of your new 5-year license cycle. 
» Upon completion of the Resident Educator Program and transition to a Professional Educator License, you will need to complete a new IPDP. 
» You do not need to create an IPDP while teaching under a Resident Educator license.

Was your Professional Development (University Coursework and/or Contact Hours) completed after the Pre-Approved Date on your IPDP?
» The coursework necessary to renew your educator's license must align with your pre-approved IPDP, which aligns with the District's Strategic Goals as well as Ohio's Teacher/Administrator Standards.
» Coursework and/pr Professional Development Contact Hours taken before the pre-approved date on your IPDP cannot be accepted for license renewal. 

Why do I need an ODE Safe Account?
» All license renewal applications and payments must be completed online via your Safe Account on the ODE website. 
» Educators cannot work without an active license. 
» For assistance, please reference the CORE Applicant User Manual on the ODE website.
» Upon notification of new Educator License being issued from ODE, it is the educator's responsibility to deliver a "hard copy" of the license to Department of Human Capital-per YEA Agreement. 

What documents do I need to submit to LPDC when I am ready to renew my license?
» Required form can be found at www.ycsd.org>Departments>Human Capital>LPDC 
» The License Renewal Application outlines the required document that need to be submitted to LPDC.