Create an IPDP

    Responsibilities of the Educator


    Licensure Information

Responsibilities of the Educator

Be informed:
» Meet licensure requirements in a timely manner, including the submission of the license renewal application
» Know the professional development and renewal application requirements for educator licensure, including the meaning of license issuance and expiration
» Choose coursework and other professional development activities that align with the appropriate Ohio Educator Standards

Abide by LPDC operating procedures:
» Follow the LPDC procedures, criteria and timeline for reviews of IPDP's
» Submit the IPDP for LPDC approval soon after receiving a new or renewed license
» Obtain LPDC approval of the IPDP before engaging in professional development for licensure renewal; professional development done either before or outside the scope of an approved IPDP will not be accepted for licensure renewal

Maintain Records:
» All Ohio credential holders must submit FBI background checks to the Ohio Department of Education every 5 years. You may also need to submit BCI background checks every 5 years if any of the following occur:

   You live outside of Ohio at any time after obtaining the BCI check: and/or
   You allow your Department issued credential to expire

» Keep records of all licensure and LPDC transactions
» Official Transcripts for coursework
» Certificates for Professional Development 
*Submitted certificates must list the following: 
1. Name of sponsoring organization including address, phone number and authorizing signature of individual who      supervised the activity
2. Number of contact hours spent in the professional development activity
3. Name of participant
4. Date of activity
5. Detailed description of activity, presenter's name and title, and title of presentation