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Department of Student Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Student Services is to provide support services for all students empowering them to become productive citizens.

Search for Children with Disabilities 

As a local school district, we have the responsibility to identify and evaluate all children with disabilities. A preschool child, between the ages of 3-5, is defined as having a disability if he or she has a documented deficit in two or more of the following areas: communication skills, hearing, motor functioning, social-emotional/behavior difficulties, cognitive ability and/or adaptive behavior skills or visual impairment.


For school-age children, ages 5-21, a child may qualify for special services if he or she has a disability in one or more of the following areas: autism, cognitive disability, behavioral/emotional, speech/language, multiple disabilities, specific learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, health or orthopedic impairment, or vision/hearing disabilities.

Early observations and records help an evaluation team find appropriate programs and services prior to the child entering school. If you have a child up to age 21 years of age or younger who has, or a child who is suspected of having a disability, please contact YCSD.

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Executive Director of Student Services:

Linda Yosay



Director of Student Services

Lori A. Kopp


Department Secretary
Sue Smith
Phone: 330-744-6968

Fax: 330-744-8869