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Attendance FAQ

Who is the Supervisor of Attendance?

The Supervisor of Attendance is Tracy Boyd, LSW, MSSA.  She oversees the district’s attendance compliance and truancy by working with the Attendance Intervention Specialists (AISs) and Educational Supports for Attendance (ESAs).  She oversees all court proceedings for truancy and monitors excessive absenteeism.


Who are the Educational Supports for Attendance (ESAs) and what do they do?

The ESAs are the attendance clerks at each school.  They are the ones who ensure that student attendance is entered correctly each school day.  They track student absences and issue attendance letters based. ESAs document reasons for students absences.  They make phone calls to homes to get reasons and/or verification for absences. They issue tardy slips when needed.  

How is attendance different due to Ohio House Bill 410?

The most significant different for attendance since Ohio House Bill 410 is the change from days of absence to hours of absence.  Previously, absences were marked according to half days and full days. Now, all attendance is tracked based on the number of hours student are in school.  A full description of the changes and FAQ’s associated with house Bill 410 can be found here.  A similar fact sheet can be found here.

What are attendance threshold events?

Attendance thresholds are defined by Ohio House Bill 410 as:

- Excessive Absences (R.C. 3321.191 (C)(1))

     *Student absent for 38 or more hours in one school month with or without a legitimate       


      *Student absent for 65 or more hours in a school year with or without a legitimate excuse

- Habitual Truancy (R.C. 2151.001)

      *Student absent for 30 or more consecutive hours without excuse                                                 

      *Student absent for 42 or more hours in one school month without excuse                                                         

      * Student absent for 72 or more hours in a school year without  excuse

How are parents notified of threshold events?

Each school designates the number of hours they will notify a parent of potential threshold events and mails out pre-threshold letter.  This lets the parent know their student has not violated any thresholds but is on track to experience a violation.

In the event a student violates any threshold, the parent receives a written notice indicating the violation.

What are parent invites?

Parent invites are an opportunity for any parent, or their designee, to participate in the creation of a student’s Absence Intervention Plan as part of the students Absence Intervention Team.. Plans are optional when students violate an excessive absence threshold but mandatory when any students violates a habitual absence threshold.

What are Absence Intervention Teams?

Membership of each absence intervention team should vary based on the needs of each individual student, but each team MUST include:

a. A representative from the school or district;

b. Another representative from the school or district who has a relationship with the child; and

c. The child’s parent (or parent’s designee) or the child’s guardian, custodian, guardian ad litem or temporary custodian.

The district may invite a school psychologist, counselor, social worker, representative of a public or nonprofit agency or representative from the court to participate on the team.

Does a parent or guardian have to participate in the absence intervention team in person?

No, a parent does not have to participate in the absence intervention team in person. Absence intervention teams should consider alternatives for including a parent such as a conference call or video conferencing.

What are Absence Intervention Plans?

Intervention plans are school based plans that identify the attendance issue and parental concern in an effort to have the student attend on a regular basis.  The plan is written with or without a parent once the student has violated a habitual attendance threshold. The student has 60 days to successfully implement the plan. If the student does not make progress on the plan, as determined by the absence intervention team, the attendance officer must file a complaint in juvenile court against the student on the 61st day after the implementation of the absence intervention plan. If, any time during the implementation phase of the absence intervention plan, the student is absent without legitimate excuse 30 or more consecutive hours or 42 or more hours in one school month, the district must have its attendance officer file a complaint against the student. This requirement does not apply if the absence intervention team has determined the student has made substantial progress on the absence intervention plan.

Are there Spanish versions available?

Yes, see below:

Student Attendance Policy Spanish
Monitoring Letter Spanish
Trigger Letter Spanish
Full Notice Spanish

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