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Gifted & Talented Education

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What Does Gifted Mean?
Gifted is defined as students who perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of the same age, experience, or environment.

Gifted Identification
Students are identified as Gifted and Talented through the use of state-approved assessments. As outlined in House Bill 282, Ohio Revised Code 3301-51-15, the state of Ohio mandates that school districts identify students in four areas:
-  Superior Cognitive Ability
-  Specific Academic Ability:
*Social Studies
-  Creative Thinking Ability
-  Visual and Performing Arts:
*Music (Instrumental/Vocal)
*Visual Arts

Areas of Identification

Gifted Identification Process

Assessments Used for Gifted Identification
(Please refer to the district Gifted Education Plan for more details)

Gifted Services
Youngstown City School District services identified gifted students in the areas of Superior Cognitive Ability, Math, Reading/Writing, and Creative Thinking Ability for grades K-12.  Grades K-8 use a cluster grouping model with the regular classroom teacher in the Math and/or ELA classes.  Gifted services are also available at all of the high schools for grades 9-12 using a cluster grouping model with the regular classroom teacher in Math and/or Reading classes, AP courses, and CCP courses. YREC HS offers courses/program that allow students to take college courses that can lead to an Associates Degree.

Written Education Plans
Students who receive gifted services require a Written Education Plan (WEP). The purpose of a WEP is to communicate among classroom teachers and parents the gifted service a child is receiving and goals they are achieving aligned to the learning standards. The service matches the child’s area(s) of identification. WEP's are written and sent home at the end of the first grading period for students involved in one of the service models outlined in the district plan. Progress reports are mailed home at the end of each quarter. 

Michele McCaughtry, Coordinator of Gifted Services

If you have any questions pertaining to Gifted education in the Youngstown City School District, you may contact:
Michele McCaughtry, Coordinator of Gifted Services 
Office: East High School Room #19 
[email protected] 
Office: (330)744-8581
Cell: (330)509-8334

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