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Dress Code Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

Youngstown City School District Dress Code Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can students wear their hair however they choose?

A: Yes. Students can wear their hair however they choose, as long as the hairstyle/haircut does not include any offensive language and/or messaging.

Q: What about parents/guardians who have financially invested in school uniforms? What are we to do with those clothes?

A: Youngstown City School District sends a formal apology to parents/guardians who have invested in school uniforms. Although not mandated, students may wear uniform clothing if desired.

Q: Can students wear hoodies? If so, aren’t hoodies considered outerwear?

A: Yes. Students are allowed to wear hoodies; hoods are to be removed from the head during school hours, while on school grounds and/or during school related events. Hoodies are not considered outwear, but interchangeable clothing; sweatshirts with hoods.

Q: Can students wear entertainment-related clothing?

A: Yes. Students can wear clothing with cartoons, celebrities and/or pop-culture figures, as long as images and/or messaging is positive, and strays away from hateful, violent and/or explicit language and/or images.

Q: Can students wear boots and sandals? If so, is there a cut-off date for either?

A: Yes. Students can wear both boots and sandals. However, students are encouraged to dress weather- appropriate, and safe during all four seasons.

QAre students allowed to wear tank tops?

A:  Yes. Students are allowed to wear tank tops if tank top conforms to Dress Code Policy guidelines. Please refer to bullet point one in the Youngstown City School District Dress Code Policy for insight.

QAre students allowed to wear pajama pants?

A: No. Pajama pants are considered inappropriate dress.

Q: If I have any questions and/or comments concerning the updated Youngstown City School District Dress Code Policy, who should I contact?

A: Contact the Office of School Culture and Community Innovation at (330) 744-5769.

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