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Special Education Supervisors & Building Coordinators

The Special Education Supervisors and Building Coordinators  act as a support to the buildings and assist with the Building Team, student, school, community and family.

Aaron Bernstein: Special Education Supervisor- Chaney High School, East  High School, Mahoning County High School, Rayen Early College (REC), Youngstown Early College (YEC)

Sukayna Batchelor: Special Education Building Coordinator - East High School

Karen Woods:  Special Education Building Coordinator - Chaney High School, Rayen Early College (REC), Youngstown Early College (YEC)

Linda Blama: Special Education Supervisor-  Paul C Bunn Elementary,  Kirkmere Elementary, William Holmes McGuffey Elementary, Volney Elementary,  Williamson Elementary

Christopher Canaan:  Special Education Building Coordinator - William Holmes McGuffey Elementary, Williamson Elementary

Michael Schubert:  Special Education Building Coordinator - Paul C Bunn Elementary, Kirkmere Elementary, Volney Elementary, 504 Compliance

Richard ScarsellaTransition Supervisor - All Buildings

Melissa UstikSpecial Education Supervisor - Harding Elementary, Martin Luther King Elementary, Taft Elementary, Wilson Elementary. Related Service Supervisor - Speech&Language, Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired, Audiology, Adaptive PE, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Paula Cipriano:  Special Education Building Coordinator - Harding Elementary, Martin Luther King Elementary

Katie Stack:  Special Education Building Coordinator - Taft Elementary, Wilson Elementary

Joanne Carney Smith: Special Education Supervisor - Non Public Schools, Leonard Kirtz 

 Melissa Puhalla:   Special Education Supervisor- Early Childhood

Emily Walker:  Special Education Coordinator - Early Childhood

Cindy Christoff:  Special Education Building Coordinator - Choffin Career & Technical Center


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