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District Leadership Team (DLT)

   The District Leadership Team of the Youngstown City School District includes teachers and principals/ assistant principals from each school, central office administrators, school counselors and others who work together to implement the district's strategic plan, monitoring student achievement and adult administration of the plan's goals for improvement.

   The team's roles and responsibilities include shared leadership, communication and engagement, purposeful decision-making and resource management. The panel meets monthly.

2017-18 Meeting Agendas/Minutes
        September 2017
        October 2017
        November 2017
        December 2017
        January 2018
        March 2018
        April 2018
        June 2018

       2018-19 Meeting Agendas/Minutes
       September 2018
       October 2018
       November 2018
       December 2018, School Quality Improvement Grant Work Session
       January 2019

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