Monitoring Process

Monitoring Process

Attendance Status definitions according to HB 410:

"Habitual Truancy" is a student who is absent WITHOUT legitimate excuse for 30 or more consecutive hours, 42 or more hours in a month or 72 hours or more in a school year.

"Excessive absence" is 38 or more hours in a school month WITH or WITHOUT a legitimate excuse or 65 or more absent hours in a school year.

Attendance Process:

Prior to a student reaching the above defined statuses, the attendance team at YCSD attempts to intervene by alerting students and parents/guardians of the number of missed hours they have accrued.  Additionally, they work to provide interventions for students to prevent truancy hearings and court involvement. Each school has chosen their number of hours at which they send Pre-Threshold notices.

Below is a guide of how our Attendance Monitoring and Intervention Process is designed to work:

The building Educational Support for Attendance (ESA), attendance clerk, is to mail and document the mailing of Pre-Threshold notices. This is designed to alert the student and parent/guardian of the student's current attendance absences. These letters clearly define attendance violations but indicate that the student has NOT exceeded any violations. A copy of the letter is given to the Attendance Intervention Specialist(AIS). The AIS logs the letter in the students Absence Intervention Page.

The building AIS notifies their buildings every other school day of students needing Pre-Threshold notices.  They also identify each student that has violated a HB 410 threshold.

At every threshold violation, excessive or habitual, a letter is mailed to the parent reflecting the most recent violation. A copy of the letter is given to the Attendance Intervention Specialist(AIS). The AIS logs the letter in the students Absence Intervention Page.

When a student has a habitual violation of any kind, the attendance team invites the parent to the school.  An Absence Intervention Plan is developed. Should the parent fail to attend, the school proceeds in writing the intervention plan.

The Absence Intervention Plan is in effect for 61 days.  The team will them review the plan for success at each weekly meeting.  Without success, the school can refer the student to juvenile court for additional services.  Active plans can be referred to juvenile court without waiting the 61 days if the student has an additional “Habitual” event.

YCSD policy states "the student will be assigned by the AIS to an absence intervention team within 10 days of the triggering event. The absence intervention team will be developed during a 7 day period, during which the student's parents will be invited to participate. If the parent(s) are unresponsive to the invitations to participate, within 14 days of having assembled the team, the team will develop an absence intervention plan without the involvement of the parent(s)."  

As designed, we instituted attendance thresholds before the deadlines of HB410 and discuss students weekly.  We attempt to intervene before the intervention become mandatory.

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