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CEO Justin M. Jennings

Dear YCSD families,

The state report cards for schools and school districts were released earlier this month and obviously, the grades aren’t what any of us wanted to see. I still believe, however, that the district is moving in the right direction.

We have strong educators, both in the classroom and in administration, who are working hard to help our scholars improve and to make sure we are preparing them for life after high school. 

This year, we’re implementing a new literacy program aimed at improving scholars’ reading skills. The program teaches reading comprehension, science and social studies through storytelling. 

The kindergarten through fifth-grade language arts program, for example, is built to include read-alouds with corresponding fiction and nonfiction text as well as digital resources and interactive workbooks. The series provides background knowledge that plays a pivotal role in reading comprehension.

The more students know about a topic, the easier it is to read a text, understand it and retain the information.

Despite the overall grade, which was an “F,” we did see improvement across several areas. 

Choffin Career and Technical Center outpaced other urban career-technical planning districts in Ohio’s Big 8, in several report card measures. Besides Youngstown, the Big 8 includes Akron, Cleveland, Canton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo.

Choffin earned an overall B, racking up A’s for the overall graduation rate, the four-year graduation rate and the career and post-program placement measure. The school earned B’s in the five-year graduation rate category and career and post-secondary readiness. 

There were other areas of improvement too. This year’s graduation rate grade increased to a D this year. The four-year and five-year graduation rates also increased. The four-year rate increased from an F with a 74.4% to a C and 84.9%. The five-year rate increased to a D at 80.5% from an F and 78.5%, on last year’s report card.

Youngstown Rayen Early College High School continues to score well across most categories with a B overall and A’s in the progress component, overall value-added, lowest 20 percent value-added, gap closing and overall, four-year and five-year graduation rates.

Still, we know our scholars are capable of so much more. It’s up to us to help them get there.

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